Israel Carmel Sapphire Jewelry Selling for up to 1 Million

Israel: Carmel-Sapphire Jewelry Selling for up to $1 Million

A precious gem called Carmeltazite, and found only in Mount Carmel in Israel, is being sold in “biblically-themed pieces of jewelry” for up to $1 million, IDEX Online reports.


Carmeltazite was first discovered in 2014 and is recognized by the International Mineralogical Association. According to the report, small quantities of it “are being recovered by the Shefa mining company at the Kishon mine.”


Iraeli luxury jewelry brand HolyGems is marketing the mineral as Carmel-Sapphire, describing it as “a new and phenomenal gem in the market. Its mineralogical composition consists of the common sapphire (Corundum), but also accompanied by a group of new minerals, never before found on earth.”


According to the report, prices for the Carmel-Sapphire jewelry range between $20,000 and $1 million. Online, HolyGems is offering 18k gold earrings with 6.4 carats of Carmel Sapphire, decorated with 62 VS collection small diamonds; and a ring called Miriam’s Tambourine, with 1.55 carats of Carmel-Sapphire, decorated with 12 VS collection small diamonds.


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