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Survey: 84% Prefer to Buy Natural Diamonds Over LGDs

41% admitted to not understanding how LGDs differed from natural gems
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A new survey among 1,049 men and women, aged 25–60, conducted by supplier organization Plumb Club Industry and Market Insights 2021 reveals that most consumers still prefer to “go natural” than to buy lab-grown diamonds, Rough & Polished reports.


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79% said that they were aware of lab-grown diamonds and their use in fine jewelry, but 41% admitted to “not understanding how they differed from natural gems.” In addition, 84% of consumers prefer to buy natural diamonds, while 16% said they would prefer lab-grown diamonds. Additionally, around 83% said that they would consider buying a piece of fashion jewelry with lab-grown diamonds, while 65% said they’d consider buying a lab-grown engagement ring.


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The key reasons for purchasing a lab-grown diamond piece are: lower price (37%), differential in size for the money (25%), ethical reasons (20%), and perceived environmental benefits (18%).

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