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$28 Million Rolls-Royce Now Has Bovet 1822 Watches in the Dashboard

Swiss watchmaker Bovet 1822 has designed and made“a pair of reversible watches
Rolls Royce Boat Bovet
Credit: Rolls Royce

The new Rolls-Royce Boat Tail which, at $28 million, is reportedly the most expensive car in the world, can now be fitted with a bespoke pair of his-and-hers watches that double as a dashboard clock, IDEX Online reports.


Bovet Rolls Royce Boat
Credit: Rolls Royce


Swiss watchmaker Bovet 1822 has designed and made “a pair of reversible watches, together with a dedicated aluminium and titanium mount”.


Bovet Rolls Royce diamonds
Credit: Bovet 1822


The wearer can remove the watch strap and insert the timepiece into the dashboard. Both timepieces have a hand-engraved miniature of the Boat Tail – “a 6.75-liter V-12 convertible with distinctive side-opening boat tail compartments in the rear”. According to the report, Jay-Z and Beyonce have commissioned the car.


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