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Royal Canadian Mint Issues a First-Ever Diamond-Shaped Coin

The “Forevermark Diamond coin” took more than a year to make, and only 700 were issued
3 oz. Pure Silver Diamond-shaped Coin – Forevermark Diamond
Credit: The Royal Canadian Mint

The Royal Canadian Mint has collaborated with Crossworks Manufacturing and Forevermark diamonds to issue the first ever diamond-shaped coin.


forevermark diamond jewelry campaign
Credit: youtube/Forevermark


The coin, made of 99.999% pure silver, has a multi-dimensional shape that matches the patented cut of the diamond embedded on one of the coin’s engraved facets – a 0.20-carat Forevermark Black Label diamond mined at the Victor Mine in Northern Ontario before the mine closed in 2019.


De Beers Victor mine
Credit: De Beers


According to the company, the “Forevermark Diamond coin” took more than a year to make, and “getting the right shape, size and angles was an enormous undertaking”. Only 700 such pieces were made, and every coin is sold for CAD $1,499.95 ($1,117).

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