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Signet: Consumers still more interested in natural diamonds for major life events
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Will lab-grown stones make their way into one of the largest diamond jewelry retailers in the world? According to Signet Jewelers CEO Gina Drosos, quoted in IDEX Online, Signet “would be willing to sell jewelry set with lab-grown diamonds if consumer demand shows it to be worthwhile”.


In a conference call with analysts, Drosos said: “We have a very customer first mindset on this and we want to focus on delivering the products and experiences that customers want. So we are very closely monitoring and assessing the demand for this emerging category”.


Drosos added that Signet research shows that customers “prefer natural diamonds for those really important purchases, bridal purchase, special birthday, graduations those kinds of things, but there could be some growing interest in the fashion jewelry space for synthetic diamonds. So we’ll make sure that Signet is well positioned to participate in that space if the growth and the economics of it are attractive and if customers point us in that direction”.

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