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A gold pendant taken by a Russian cosmonaut to space was sold for charity in Moscow
Pokrovsky Jewelry space diamond pendant
Credit: Pokrovsky Jewelry

A charity dinner-auction called “The Space between us”, held in Moscow on April 10, saw the selling of a gold pendant that actually travelled to space, Rough & Polished reports.


space diamonds
Credit: tomertu /


The “Space Pendant”, as it is called, was created by Russian-based Pokrovsky Jewelry and was taken to space in 2018 by Russian cosmonaut Oleg Artemyev. He took the pendant as a talisman and while in space, took a photo of the piece against the Earth. According to the report, the pendant “ has a movable mechanism which enables to set a gem in front of the desired zodiac sign”.


Russian Diamonds
Credit: Hayk Harutyunyan |


The “Space Pendant” was sold for 375,000 rubles (approximately $5,480). All the proceeds from the sale “will go to help children with cerebral palsy”, according to the report.

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