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UK: Engagement Ring Sales Get a Big Boost in 2020

Online search for engagement rings soared 22% in 2020
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According to several reports, many Britons have made life-changing decisions during 2020, some of them relating directly to their choice of jewellery shopping.


Lea Michele engagement diamond ring
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For instance, many couples decided to move in together in 2020, and many decided to tie the knot quickly. Several British based jewellers reported a leap in sales. Fine jewellery brand Fenton & Co saw engagement ring sales soar 40% in 2020, as did ethical jeweller Lebrusan Studio. 


Engagement diamond ring
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In addition, online search for engagement rings soared 22% year-on-year. Another survey, conducted by Hitachi Personal Finance, showed that 50% of the people expected their partners to spend £500 less than the average cost of £1,483 on an engagement ring in 2020. As for the choice of ring, the classic diamond ring was still the most popular choice in 2020.

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