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Zales Launches a New, “Breathtaking” 185-Facet Diamond

Zales’ new Celebration Infinite diamonds feature a new cut
185 facet celebration diamond zales
Credit: Zales

Zales has broken with tradition to create a new diamond cut with 185 facets, a deviation from the 58-facets of a traditional brilliant cut (including the culet), according to IDEX Online.


Zales’ new Celebration Infinite diamonds feature 15 bridal rings and three solitaires with oval, round, pear and cushion shaped 185-facet diamonds, priced from $3,339 to $13,339. Dubbed the Celebration Infinite diamonds, Zales claims that the new cut creates a “breathtaking sparkle”.


According to the large US jeweler, the Celebration Infinite diamonds “create more points of reflection and are rated excellent for brilliance, fire and scintillation.”


zales jewelry signet jewelers
Credit: Andriy Blokhin /

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