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“Not every diamond can be colored to every color,” explains Lior Izboutsky, owner and CEO of Briza Lior


“Not every diamond can be colored to every color,” explains Lior Izboutsky, owner and CEO of Briza Lior, “diamond color enhancement involves applying tremendous pressure in high temperatures. It actually complements nature’s way of coloring, had the diamond remained underground for many years more. The coloring process is entirely automated, and the result is irreversible and uniform. It is possible to enhance the color, but it is impossible to reverse the process.”

“My specialty, acquired through many years in the field, enables me to recognize which color best fits a specific diamond. In this way, customers can understand how the diamond will look at the end of the process,” continues Izboutsky.



All color enhancements are done in Israel, in cooperation with a kibbutz in northern Israel. The factory produces industrialized goods, and uses laser radiation for one of its applications. Residual radiation is then transferred to the diamonds, and that is how enhancement occurs.

Briza Lior has three departments. One deals with small white diamonds, from 0.5-carats to diamonds in diverse qualities and sizes. These are produced in cooperation with an Indian-based company producing medium-quality diamonds and a Hong Kong-based company which produces high-quality diamonds in China.


A second department trades in diamonds in all sizes and clarity grades in 14 different colors. A third department supplies color enhancement services to customers from Israel and abroad.

Briza Lior sells diamonds to the Far East, including Vietnam, the Philippines, Japan, China and more, as well as to Europe, mainly Italy, Germany, and Canada. Every year, the company takes part in the March, June and September Hong Kong shows, as well as the annual JOVELLA show in Tel Aviv. “We have many Israeli customers, and we see JOVELLA, in which we have been participating for the last 8 years, as an important venue”, says Izboutsky.


Later, he tells of something special that that happened to him in one Hong Kong show: “A father and his 15-year-old daughter, from one of the United Arab Emirates, came to visit our booth. He told her to choose any diamond she wants, and she chose an expensive pink. He was in the process of paying when she pointed at another diamond. This exact same sequence happened a year afterward, with the same father and daughter. Only this time, the father did not have the full amount, so he deposited an advance and left without the diamond. He never came back, and I’ve been looking for him in every show ever since. I still keep his diamond for him”.

Briza Lior was established in 2002, and employs ten people, some of whom are stationed abroad. The company does not manufacture jewelry, but cooperates with reputed jewelers in Israel and overseas. “We specialize in diamond color enhancement and not jewelry design, but we like giving our diamonds to jewelers so they can design a unique piece. These we sell in cooperation with them in shows around the world”.

So if you feel like refreshing your diamond collection with a little bit of color, you’re invited to Briza, where Lior and his experts will turn your white diamond to a fresh-colored gem.
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