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Denir Diamonds, specialists in natural fancy colored diamonds of all sizes and qualities, acquires its diamonds both in Israel and the global diamond market


Denir Diamonds, specialists in natural fancy colored diamonds of all sizes and qualities, acquires its diamonds both in Israel and the global diamond market and services a wide range of clients from celebrities, collectors, investors, dealers to diamond brokers.



The well-established company has already marked its golden jubilee and is soon approaching its diamond jubilee of sixty years.

How is your company different from other companies specializing in natural fancy colored diamonds?

“We focus on natural fancy colored diamonds in all sizes and qualities. We pride ourselves in service and supplying exactly what the purchaser requires particularly in melee goods.”

Who are your clientele and where are they located?

We market to both businesses and consumers in Western Europe, North America and Russia. Our prices and sales policy allows us to mark to both the industry and the end consumer. We have a unique website that is highly informative and extremely user-friendly; we share our knowledge on social media resulting in people keeping in contact with us just to be updated.

What about trade shows?

We participate in trade shows much less than in the past: Customers who are looking for specific merchandise want immediate results and cannot afford to wait for the next show. The industry has become much more dynamic and works more on the principle of “just-in-time,” rather than “just-in-case.”

Where do you source your diamonds from?

We source our diamonds from a very diverse network of contacts that we have known and worked with for generations spanning virtually the globe. We also source from other manufacturers so that when a customer approaches us, he has access to the natural fancy colored diamond market in its entirety.

What about manufacturing: both diamonds and diamond jewelry?

We manufacture very little these days. The natural colored diamond trade works differently from the regular white or colorless diamond industry. As for manufacturing diamond jewelry, we do this, but it is usually for custom pieces where we design jewelry together with the client to optimize the diamonds.

Please tell us a little about Denir as a work environment

We consider ourselves fortunate to be in an industry that prides itself on perfection and has that exceptional blend of commerce and human relationships.

Our staff levels vary according to the time of year. Special orders of large quantities of melee assortments require extra staff, but we have a basic in-house staff of five and three permanent freelancers.

Why should we choose to work with Denir?

Each diamond has its own unique hidden beauty and the more attention and care that is put into its cutting and polishing, the more this secret becomes part of the gem’s owner. We listen to our long-standing customers and care about their business.

The advantages of working with us are based on our deep knowledge of the commercial diamond market permitting us to find colored diamonds and supply them to our clientele at attractive competitive prices and on many occasions even before the diamond has been offered on the open market.



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