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DH Diamonds is a brand of the firm RPA Diamonds, founded over thirty years ago by David Halfon


DH Diamonds is a brand of the firm RPA Diamonds, founded over thirty years ago by the diamond manufacturer and Israel Diamond Exchange member David Halfon.


Over the years, Halfon manufactured and exported diamonds abroad, specializing in polished diamonds from 0.01 carats to 5 carats in size, in all colors and cuts, and he worked with traders and retailers in the United States, Canada, Europe and the Far East. Recently the firm has begun to market diamond jewelry to retailers and to the general public under the DH Diamonds brand, supplying very high quality diamond engagement and promise rings, tennis bracelets, charms and earrings, with gemological certificates.


The firm is located at the Israel Diamond Exchange in Ramat Gan, where it manufactures the diamonds and jewelry, and it works in conjunction with jewelry designers and manufacturers in Israel and abroad.
The firm manufactures diamonds and mounts them in specialized jewelry collections. “We noticed that in the Israeli market, demand is focused on engagement rings, so therefore we manufacture a large range of engagement rings in order to satisfy this demand. Recently, the engagement ring market has changed, and there is a demand for less expensive engagement rings. We have tried to be responsive to this demand, while maintaining the quality of the product, so we now manufacture quality rings in a lower price range, as well,” says Pnina Halfon Lang, director of marketing and sales.


“In addition to engagement rings, we manufacture promise rings, wedding and half-wedding rings mounted with diamonds, expensive artistically designed rings, tennis bracelets, charms and diamond earrings. We make personalized diamond-mounted jewelry and allow customers to choose the quality and size of the diamonds that will be mounted in their jewelry. At our offices, pieces can be chosen from the selection in our display cases or a diamond can be chosen to be mounted by special order into any piece of jewelry.


In the event that the customer chooses loose diamonds according to their taste and budget instead of jewelry from the existing selection, DH Diamonds tries to complete the required work as quickly as possible, since they know that customers like to have the jewelry in their possession and wear it as soon as they buy it.


“The diamonds that we use for mounting in pieces of jewelry are diamonds that RPA manufactures, and, when necessary, we work in partnership with various manufacturers at the Israel Diamond Exchange to fill customers’ special orders. RPA specializes in manufacturing all types of diamond cuts, and as such, we have a wide range of diamonds which we can supply immediately to retail customers and jewelry retailers at manufacturers’ prices, without commission fees.”


The firm sells luxury jewelry and diamonds to the international market in the United States, Canada, Russia, Germany and other countries. The firm also targets the business market, jewelry stores and chains, and in Israel it targets the general public as well. At a customer’s request, DH Diamonds supplies GIA and EGL gemological certificates.
DH Diamonds operates an internet website in English and Hebrew which includes an online catalog of its products:


The website will shortly be updated soon for browsing with mobile devices. The firm also operates a Facebook page where users can see updates of new designs and sale offers on a daily basis:


As stated, jewelry can be purchased at the firm’s offices at the Israel Diamond Exchange, where jewelry collections are on display, by making an appointment in advance. DH Diamonds commits to providng professional advice and trustworthy personal service to every client.


David Halfon began his career in the industry as a diamond cutter at a diamond polishing factory over forty years ago. From the sweat of his brow, he established a successful diamond manufacturing company and for many years managed a diamond polishing factory. In the last year, his daughter Pnina Halfon Lang has joined the firm as the firm’s jewelry brand’s director of marketing. These days, Pnina, who comes from the field of film production and distribution in Israel and abroad, uses her talents and the skills she acquired over the years to promote the family business.



For further information and enquiries, please contact Pnina Halfon Lang at +972-54-3456286 or +972-3-5752424


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