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Dov Diamonds is a leading manufacturer and cutter of polished diamonds. The company, which sees itself as a “one-stop-shop for diamonds”


Dov Diamonds is a leading manufacturer and cutter of polished diamonds. The company, which sees itself as a “one-stop-shop for diamonds”, manufactures and deals in round and fancy shaped diamonds weighing between 0.01 and 50 carats.


Dov Diamonds has specialized divisions. One division specializes in diamonds weighing between 1 and 50 carats or more, round and fancy shaped diamonds with all clarity grades and colors, as well as fancy diamonds in all sizes, and large unique diamonds.

A second division specializes in diamonds designated exclusively to the US market, including GIA certified 1 carat+ diamonds and white diamonds of medium clarity.

A third division specializes in parcels of loose round 0.01 to 1 carat diamonds in all colors and clarity grades.

A fourth division specializes in calibrated square shaped diamonds tailored to the customer’s, namely jewelry manufacturers, specific requirements.

Dov Diamonds insists on polished diamonds of the highest standards, and therefore works with Israeli diamond polishers whose professionalism is well-known worldwide. In addition, using the skills of the local labor force allows the company to oversee the quality of the polishing process.
“Our team combines top diamond dealers with over 40 years of experience and a work force of skilled gemologists and sorters”, explains owner Shlomo Dov Shimshowitz, “we offer a one-stop-shop to all types of diamonds, from stars to large goods, certified and non-certified round and fancy shapes. With over 20 employees working together, our goal is to give our customers a professional, efficient and personal service, according to their needs.”

The company was founded by Shimshowitz (better known as Shitzo) in 1983, a second-generation diamond dealer. Shitzo began to deal in diamonds in the 1970s, acquiring a wealth of experience and familiarity in the sector. Shitzo established his business in France, later expanding to the rest of the European market. He came back to Israel in 1983, founded the company, and expanded its business to the American and Asian markets.

Since 1995, Shitzo has been engaged in different public positions within the Israel Diamond Exchange, serving in various committees over the years. Today, he is a member of the Diamond Exchange Directorate and an Honorary Secretary of the IDE.

Shitzo has also integrated his daughter Adi in the family business. “I’ve known diamonds my whole life”, says Adi, “It’s been the main subject at home, and it is only natural that I follow in my father’s footsteps. The diamond trade is based on trust, and we are known for our integrity and strict adherence to standards. Our customers know that when they place an order, they will get the best possible merchandise. In addition, the diamond industry is undergoing change, turning increasingly from the personal to the digital. We believe we can make that transition successfully”.

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The company is a regular exhibitor at the diamond and jewelry trade shows in Hong Kong. “We’ve been showcasing our goods for the last eight years, so we can maintain contact with our customers and connect with more potential customers”, Shitzo explains. In June the company will exhibit in booth 3B508, and in September Dov Diamond will be in booth 7S35-37.

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