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Jewelry 4 You may seem like a new player in the market, but the company has a long, respected history in the diamond industry


Jewelry 4 You may seem like a new player in the market, but the company has a long, respected history in the diamond industry. Owner Rony Golomb, 2nd generation in the Golomb dynasty, established Jewelry 4 You as an additional marketing channel for R. Golomb.



“I have a vast experience in the diamond world”, says Rony, “and my specialty is matching the perfect diamond for any piece of jewelry, so the customer ends up with the most sparkling stone for the best price. The pricing of a gold diamond ring is dependent on the price of the gold and the price of the stones. The diamonds, of course, are the more expensive of the two. Therefore, a perfect fitting can save quite a lot of money. In addition, I purchase the rough from Africa, and process and polish the diamonds in Israel using the most advanced technologies available. We sell directly to consumers, thus eliminating the middleman”, explains Golomb.


Golomb’s diamond company was established in 1940 by Rony’s father, Reuven. Reuven Golomb began his career at the age of 14 as a cutter, and together with his son Rony, developed the first computerized method for sawing and cleaving diamonds using laser technology. Today, Rony uses these methods to create fancy diamond shapes. In 1998, Reuven Golomb was declared an ‘Israel Diamond Industry Dignitary’ for his development of the technology, which “preceded the entire technological prowess of the diamond industry by a generation”.

“There was a time when dad would bring the diamonds home from the factory, and they would constantly fall off from the table”, Rony recalls, “He would then ask me to look for them. When I grew up, I asked him, “how come you never dropped the diamonds in the factory, but always at home”? And he said that he would drop them intentionally so I would look for them. And there it started: I was 5 years old when I knew I wanted to be part of this world, and as soon as I finished my military service, I joined the family business”.
Rony Golomb’s diamond company manufactures and trades in diamonds in all shapes and sizes, specializing in large exceptional stones. The diamonds are then set in gold rings imported from Italy and Turkey, and in jewelry pieces manufactured in Israel. In addition to setting stones in jewelry, the company also designs jewelry pieces for customers according to the customer’s specifications and wishes.

Customers can also enjoy an original diamond ring setting of Yin and Yang, featuring two half-diamonds in black and white designed as the popular Chinese symbols. This trademarked design features two semi-circles flowing perfectly together, each containing a drop of the opposite stone’s color. The Yin Yang design can be ordered in different colors like the white-blue of the Israeli flag, and more.



You can check out Jewelry 4 You’s unique collection on its website and its Facebook page.
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