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IDE Releases Second Video in Global Campaign to Promote Natural Diamonds

International campaign aimed at differentiating natural diamonds from lab-grown and synthetic stones


The Israel Diamond Exchange (IDE), which earlier this month launched a global campaign to promote natural diamonds in cooperation with the World Federation of Diamond Bourses (WFDB), released the second video in the “We love natural diamonds” series today.


The international campaign is aimed at differentiating natural diamonds from lab-grown and other synthetic stones. It is intended to show consumers the significant differences between natural diamonds that are billions of years old and whose value and beauty are preserved forever, and synthetic factory- produced diamonds.


Israeli Diamond Exchange
Credit: IDI Archive

IDE will distribute this video through all social media channels. It will also be distributed by the 29 WFDB member diamond exchanges around the world through local social media. The first video was viewed 1.2 million times and received 323,000 likes or shares.


The new video shows how life has improved through technology – travel, communication, online shopping. However, some things never change – the value of True Love and the value of True Diamonds. It ends with the tagline “We love natural diamonds.”


loose polished diamonds heart
Credit: Iris Hortman

IDE President Yoram Dvash said, “Diamond exchanges throughout the world have joined our initiative and have launched dedicated social media campaigns to promote natural diamonds. Through these worldwide campaigns we hope to make consumers aware of the real value of the gems they buy and the unique attributes of natural diamonds. We are proud that the Israel Diamond Exchange is leading this campaign on a global scale.”



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