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Moti Kashi Diamonds is a diamond manufacturer specializing in white and colored large sized stones weighing 3 carats and over


Moti Kashi Diamonds is a diamond manufacturer specializing in white and colored large sized stones weighing 3 carats and over. In addition to a large, rich inventory and the services provided to customers worldwide, the company also specializes in the manufacturing and polishing of exceptional stones – whether in size, color and cut, including fancy cuts.

Moti Kashi Diamonds has a vast network of sources for rough stones, from mines to secondhand suppliers worldwide. Moti Kashi Diamonds’ polished diamonds are perfected at their factory, so they meet the highest industry standards. Competitive prices and unique stones combine to create a first-class inventory for diamonds for investment. In addition, the company’s stock includes stones for jewelry mounting and setting. The company also specializes in the manufacturing of gemstones, diamond jewelry and gemstone jewelry.

Recently, Moti Kashi Diamonds has begun to offer a new service: the design of a unique piece of jewelry around a stone bought from Kashi Diamonds. The customer is invited to be a part of the design process, according to his/her needs and specifications.


Magnificent Set of 8.89ct Total Weight Pigeon’s Blood Natural No Heat Burma (Myanmar) Rubies
Price Breakdown Per Carats:
Center Stone: 3.12ct * 36,000 pc
Pair 1: 3.26ct consists of 1.67ct & 1.59 Pigeon’s Blood Natural No Heat Burma (Myanmar) Rubies. $8,000 pc
Pair 2: 2.51ct consists of 1.45c & 1.06ct Pigeon’s Blood Natural No Heat Burma (Myanmar) Rubies.$8,000 pc
Special offer for Company of the Month: Total for the set: US$158,480 (regular price:
US$220,000 total for the set)

Moti Kashi Diamonds was established in 1973 by Moti Kashi, the first in his family to enter the diamond business, and a second generation jeweler. Today, Moti Kashi Diamonds has offices in the US, Thailand and Hong Kong. It is a family business efficiently run, with transparency standards of a public enterprise. Moti’s children, who also work in the company, are in the process of taking the company forward, building a prominent presence online and through apps.

With over 40 years of experience in cutting and manufacturing unique diamonds, a network of sources that ranges from rough diamonds coming directly from the mines to second-hand recuttable diamonds from pawn shops and returning customers around the world, Moti Kashi proudly possess the world’s most famous inventory of Investment Diamonds.

To protect his clients and maintain loyal and satisfied clientele, Moti Kashi has always put great emphasis on value as well as on quality. “High quality diamonds with perfect cutting is not sufficient if you end up selling your customers overpriced diamonds,” he repeatedly lectures his children and other young disciples seeking his advice. As a result of this ideology, Moti built a name for himself as the world’s most cost-attractive diamond supplier.
Chinese Movie Star Sisley Choi Wears Moti Kashi Diamond Jewelry Masterpiece

During the March 2015 HKTDC Hong Kong International Jewelry Show, Chinese movie star Sisley Choi adorned a spectacular necklace designed and created by Roei Kashi from Kashi Diamonds. This spectacular necklace was selected from over 10,000 exhibitors to be the highlight of a featured Gala Dinner at the show.

As a third generation diamond manufacturer and Jewelry designer, a Stanford University School of Engineering graduate who took classes in product design, Roei carefully chose each of the diamonds while designing the necklace. Contrast in focus is a leitmotif in Roei’s work, who often emphasizes contradictions by focusing on contrasts.

This Necklace and earrings are an inventive combination of anachronistic artistic styles of traditional Asian and Hindu cultures on one hand, and contemporary, stylish, modern jewelry on the other. The necklace and earrings are ornamented with floral and circular designs, and adorned with shapes of marquise, pears, and flowers in different configurations of artistically curved lines and stars. Combined, these figures and shapes present appealing and brilliant illusions and sparkles. The contrast of the old, antique and the traditional with modern and contemporary cutting, manufacturing, and design trends render this piece truly a one of a kind masterpiece.

The necklace contains 30.67 carats of diamonds, mounted in 150.56 grams of 18K white gold. The optional earring consists of 6.94 carats of diamonds, mounted in 18.27 grams of 18K white gold. The set retails for US$120,000 (Necklace: US$88,888 and earrings: US$18,888). To mark being selected as the IDI’s Company of the Month, Moti Kashi Diamonds is offering a special price for the set of US$95,000.

A Product in Depth: The Triangle Diamond Watch

This timepiece was designed in collaboration with Omna Gov Elay – a professional jewelry designer that works regularly with the company in cases where the client requests special, customized designs. “I met with Roei Kashi in his office, on the 21st floor of the Yahalom building in the bourse. He placed before me the diamond he wished to set: a masterpiece “fresh off” the polishing factory. It was a large sized, table-cut stone of 13.94 carats, with a unique triangle structure. This is not a stone we see every day. It has a presence and a character – and it demands respect and special care.”

“After examining the stone, Roei agreed that it would look exceptional as the center stone in a unique timepiece. In luxury watches incorporating gold, platinum, enamel and diamonds, the display is designed with great care. The decorative components are as important as the functional workings. You have watches set with loose diamonds, and watches set with close-set baguette or round diamonds, and even watches with invisible settings, which give the illusion of a clean surface with one big center stone. A display based on one center stone is pretty rare.”

“After gaining the approval of the professional team at Kashi, confirming that the diamond can be drilled in the middle to connect the mechanism without damaging the stone, I set off to work…. The diamond’s shape, structure and cut guided me in the choice of the shape and size of the watch. I planned the timepiece so that the stone is elevated. I surrounded it with stones in a structure that accentuates the center stone’s unique cut. To enrich the design, I added height and a 3D feel, creating angles and different layers and heights. This resulted in a flowing effect – everything pointing to the center, while the focus remains on the stone. To keep the balance and harmony between the center diamond and the rich design around it, and to reduce any “competition” between them, I used baguette-cut stones, and the watch benefited from their rich yet silent effect. I finished the design by using a wide black crocodile strap.


You can view Moti Kashi Diamonds’ diamonds and jewelry on the company’s website, and view its unique diamonds here. You are invited to download their iOS app here (an android app will be launched soon.)

To mark being selected as the IDI’s Company of the Month, Moti Kashi Diamonds is offering a variety of special deals. Follow Moti Kashi Diamonds as the Israel Diamond Institute’s Company of the Month on Facebook to see more special offers

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