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Selected Diamond Traders is a leading family owned and operated diamond distributor and trading company


Selected Diamond Traders is a leading family owned and operated diamond distributor and trading company. The Israel-based company handles high-end diamonds ranging from 1000 stones per carat to 15.00 carats. Selected Diamond has a regularly renewed, very high stock level of diamonds that were cut in China and Russia using state-of-the-art tools, thus making it one of very few companies able to immediately provide perfectly-cut precisely calibrated diamonds in significant quantities.



Abraham Pinkusewitz founded Pinkusewitz Diamonds in the 1970s. After managing various aspects of the company, Abraham’s son Moshe established Selected Diamond Traders in 2005. Moshe developed a similar system to his father’s and now caters to those who inquire about larger top quality stones. Moshe granted the Israel Diamond Institute an exclusive interview to share some insight into the company.

What sort of diamonds do you stock?

Our stock is composed mainly of rounds and princesses ranging from 0.30 carat to 15.00 carat diamonds of D to K color, and IF-SI2 clarity. All our diamonds are cut and polished according to very strict guidelines, and our goods are checked thoroughly by in-house gemologists to ensure customer satisfaction. We carry an extensive stock of diamonds certified mainly by the GIA. In addition to rounds and princesses, we also supply fancy shapes including Cushions, Emeralds, Marquises, Pears, Radiants, Asscher Cuts, Hearts and Trillions.

Our top-quality parcels and melees are cut and polished in China and Russia, guaranteeing the finest make. Our parcels of small diamonds are in the range of 0.001-0.299 carat (0.6 to 4.3mm). These diamonds are available in D to I colors and clean to SI1 clarity. The latest diamond grading technology and microscopes enable us to create a new level of accuracy and consistency.

What is your company philosophy?

Selected Diamond Traders has an international reputation for excellent and committed customer service. Every customer, without exception, is treated with the utmost professionalism. Our system is to allocate a personal representative to tend to the specific needs of each client and concentrate on providing them with exactly the round or fancy shape diamonds that they need for production purposes.

Because our aim is to create long-lasting business relationships, our diamonds are priced fairly and competitively to guarantee maximum satisfaction for all parties. This business philosophy has earned us the loyalty of our customers and has been confirmed by the number of repeat customers and orders.

What does Selected Diamond Traders offer to clients?

Selected Diamond has offices in Belgium, Italy, France, Hong Kong, England, and within Israel. Branches all over the globe enable our customers to reach out to us at a convenient time for them. Selected Diamond’s stock can be viewed online or can be retrieved via a telephone call. Our highly motivated and competent employees are ready to assist with all logistic requirements and are known to give better service than expected. They help the client understand our organization’s ordering system and additional services that we provide. Our team will always be glad to assist the customer with special orders.

Diamonds are sorted according to shape, color, clarity and size. Using our state-of-the- art advanced technology we track our customers’ order from start to finish. Once an order is placed, the client is informed of the status of the order and a delivery date for receipt of the goods. Orders placed in the morning are usually shipped the same day and shipments can be tracked online. To free up your capital, we will do just-in-time deliveries when requested.

Here at Selected we believe that our clients are our partners! We strive to build a long-term relationship and want you to feel confident that you are getting the right goods at the right price at the right time. We anticipate our customer’s needs and set aside a stock for repeat orders. When an existing customer places an order, what he or she is looking for will always be available.

We want to sell you the polished diamonds you need and can sell profitably. With over 3,500 people worldwide, relying on us for employment and their livelihoods, our responsibility to them and our associates is our firmest guarantee that we will keep on excelling.

How do you take advantage of technology?

Our company has an online ecommerce application which provides our clients with a 24/7 self-service channel. This enables them to search for the stones they want and order them. Our system updates itself every few minutes in order to provide clients with accurate information. Each account facilitates interaction with us and also helps keep track of personal order history. Our online inventory is also mobile-friendly making purchases on the go easier than ever.

Our website is updated weekly with new blog posts as well as our trade show attendances. Our blog gives our audience a look at the world of diamonds and an option to purchase directly from our stock.

Do you participate in or attend trade shows?

The events we attend are listed on our Events Page. Once a year our teams makes it way to the Hong Kong show in March where we get to meet with our clients. This enables us to connect and build new partnerships.


Thank you Moshe

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