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Following the largest-ever International Diamond Week in Israel held earlier this month (February 13-16, 2017)


Following the largest-ever International Diamond Week in Israel held earlier this month (February 13-16, 2017), the Israel Diamond Exchange (IDE) has released a movie summary of the diamond event.


The IDWI brought hundreds of exhibitors and buyers to the bourse. It opened on Monday (February 13) with a festive opening ceremony attended by Tourism Minister Yariv Levin, leaders of the diamond industry and distinguished guests from overseas. Alrosa President Andrei Zharkov, who as a guest of honor at the IDWI, addressed the audience in Hebrew and spoke about the rough and polished tenders to be held during the week.


IDI Chairman Shmuel Schnitzer called the IDWI “a welcome initiative” and added: “This year looks promising and I wish us all great success”.


In addition to three days of trading on the IDE’s Trading Hall, there were several noteworthy events: Alrosa President Zharkov held a before leading Israeli diamond companies, a meeting attended by IDE President Yoram Dvash and Israel Diamond Manufacturers Association President Kobi Korn. Zharkov spoke of Alrosa’s interest “in supporting different major diamond hubs in the world such as the Israeli diamond bourse”, and cited the importance of the 2015 MOU between Alrosa and IDE to share information and cooperate on issues of mutual interest. He also spoke of Alrosa’s various interests in the global diamond market, such as better differentiation between natural and synthetic diamonds, heightened transparency, and the main markets Alrosa caters to.


On the second day of IDWI, the IDE opened the new International Tender Center, established by the bourse to consolidate under one roof as many polished and rough tenders as possible. Later in the day a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between the young generation forums of the Hong Kong Jewelry Manufacturers’ Association (HKJMA) and the IDE for cooperation and business promotion.


Jean-Marc Lieberherr, CEO of the Diamond Producers’ Association (DPA), gave a presentation later that afternoon, outlining the strategic direction of their generic diamond marketing program targeting Millennials. The lecture was attended by IDE President Yoram Dvash, President of the Israel Diamond Manufacturers Association (IsDMA) Kobi Korn and IDE members.


During his lecture, Lieberherr updated the audience on the activities of the DPA, its goals and its plans for the future: We have approved our plan for 2017, we’re increasing our marketing budget in the US, and we’re working on launching another campaign in the US in September of this year”. Lieberherr added that the DPA has secured the only Oscars commercial spot for the diamond industry this year (February 26).


This year, in lieu of buyers’ preferences, the schedule of the IDWI was slightly different. Buyers and visitors conducted trade at the main Trading Hall at the bourse on Wednesday, while Thursday was dedicated to personal meetings at the IDE.


The IDWI, which was covered by news outlets both local and international, ended on a positive, optimistic note, with many participants vowing that the event met the high expectations set by the organizers.

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