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Online shop “Yes I Do” features dozens of diamond engagement rings, as well as a large inventory of other diamond jewelry– pendants, earrings, bracelets....


Online shop “Yes I Do” features dozens of diamond engagement rings, as well as a large inventory of other diamond jewelry – pendants, earrings, bracelets, men’s jewelry, gifts for every occasion as well as special offers of the month.

All jewelry pieces are designed by Yes I Do, a member of the Israel Diamond Exchange (IDE). Every piece undergoes a rigorous quality control and quality assurance process before it goes ‘on air’ for sale.



Customers not only buy from an IDE member company and the original manufacturer, but also save money by shopping online rather than spending more for the same product in a brick-and-mortar store. In “Yes I Do” it’s only us – and you.

A further advantage lies in the wide price range and options. Yes I Do is not solely a shopping website: customers are welcome to arrange a meeting with one of the company representatives and visit the office at the Israel Diamond Exchange Complex.

All “Yes I Do” pieces are manufactured in Israel by the best goldsmiths and polishers in the business. Every stage of the process undergoes rigorous quality control and assurance. Every piece can be customized for every occasion using 3D models and printing. Each piece with a center stone is unique.

Once an order comes in, the design and polish is specific for that stone, and is never recreated. The company is happy to recommend the right stone for a client, according to their needs and budget.


“Yes I Do” was established in 2010 by the founders of Asherian Diamonds, a diamond manufacturing company founded in the 1980s. Asherian Diamonds manufactures and sells a wide range of diamonds and acts as the main supplier for “Yes I Do” diamonds. The company is committed to the Kimberley Process, and only manufactures and sells diamonds from reputable sources while adhering to the highest ethical standards. Asherian Diamonds sorts and selects its diamonds carefully, and then sends them to be examined in gemological labs in Israel and abroad.

“Yes I Do” is committed to the highest standard of customer service. You are invited to visit Yes I Do’s Facebook page and read the customers’ feedback.

“Yes I Do” is a great platform for designing your own jewelry piece according to your wishes and budget. The company will help you in in this process, and help you select your piece according to budget, stone size and quality and material. You are welcome to contact the company by email, telephone or visit their Facebook page.



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