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The move augments Alrosa’s rough diamond auctions with detailed information on rough
Sarine Service Center
Credit: Sarine

Israel-based diamond tech company Sarine Technologies and Alrosa have announced that Alrosa has begun to implement Sarine’s DiaExpert 3D-mapping, Galaxy inclusion scanning and other technology in order “to augment Alrosa’s rough diamond auctions with detailed information pertaining to the offered rough stones”.


Galaxy Ultra by Sarine
Credit: Sarine Technologies


In October, Alrosa offered its clients to participate in Digital Tenders for the first time. During these, clients are offered a full digital scan of each rough diamond for detailed analysis. The tech behind this is Sarine’s DiaExpert 3D-mapping, the Galaxy inclusion scanning and various other systems. The info provided for clients include “the rough diamond’s detailed external shape, internal inclusions and anticipated color and fluorescence”.


Sarine technologies 3D Origin diamonds
Credit: Sarine technologies


David Block, CEO of Sarine Technologies, said: “We are glad to provide this service to Alrosa and strongly believe it will provide significant value to Alrosa and their clients who are, for the most part, Sarine customers as well […] Sarine already has in place the industry’s most advanced technological infrastructure to enhance rough diamond buying efficiency […]”.

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