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Blockchain Wedding: Couple Use Smartphones to Exchange Virtual Rings

The San Francisco couple used their smartphones to exchange virtual rings
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Peter Kacherginsky and Rebecca Rose wanted their happily ever after to look a bit different: According to IDEX Online, the newlyweds from San Francisco, California, “used their smartphones to exchange virtual rings in a blockchain wedding”.


Blockchain Technology
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Kacherginsky and Rose, who both work for the cryptocurrency company Coinbase, were married in a traditional Jewish ceremony in San Francisco. When it was time to exchange rings, they swapped specially-designed NFTs (non-fungible tokens) named Tabaat – the Hebrew word for ring – at a cost of over $500.


Going on Twitter, Rose said: “The blockchain, unlike physical objects, is forever. It is unstoppable, impossible to censor, and does not require anyone’s permission. Just as love should be. What could possibly be more romantic than that?”.


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Rose added that hers and Kacherginsky’s virtual rings were on the blockchain “for all to see as proof of our commitment to each other. Most people get married in a place of religious worship, on a beach, or in the mountains. Peter and I are not most people. We got married on the blockchain”.

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