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British Company : We Can Now Brand Small Diamonds Without Harming Them

The tech can guard the supply chain from “undisclosed synthetics”
white polished cut diamonds
Credit: Bjoern Wylezich /

British sub-surface laser technology firm Opsydia has announced that it can now place “permanent identifiers in melee diamonds without affecting their surface polish,” Rough & Polished reports.


Polished diamonds from the Argyle Diamond Mine
Credit: Copyright © 2017 Rio Tinto


According to the report, this advancement is important “ for volume manufacturers to secure their supply chain and protect it from undisclosed synthetics.” Opsydia’s tech can add an alphanumeric sequence, coded shape or logo placed beneath diamonds that are just 0.5 millimeters in diameter. The goal is “to create a physical link to a supply chain record or branded jewelry origin.”


White Polished Diamonds
Credit: Victor Moussa


According to Opsydia, the tech “can help the industry to tackle challenges such as traceability, fraud, counterfeiting and non-disclosure issues.”

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