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New York Company Launches $67,000 Diamond Bar for Investors

The price of Diamond Standard’s diamond bar “will fluctuate with the markets”

New York-based Diamond Standard, producer of an exchange-traded, regulated diamond commodity, is now offering investors a higher-value diamond bar, starting at $67,200, IDEX Online reports.


diamond bar


The 70mm by 35mm transparent bar has “a set of certified natural diamonds with identical geological scarcity” – from 0.76 to 2.05 carats each – and has an initial value of $67,200. The price, according to the report, “will fluctuate with the markets.” Diamond Standard is selling $75 million worth of bars.


3 oz. Pure Silver Diamond-shaped Coin – Forevermark Diamond
Credit: The Royal Canadian Mint


In the past, the company launched the Diamond Standard coin, which contains 0.18 to 0.75 carat stones. These have appreciated by 34% since the $25 million IPO in March 2021.

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