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Two-inch Diamond Disk Could Revolutionize Future Storage

The new diamond wafer is “the largest diamond storage device ever created
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A company in Japan called Adamant Namiki Precision Jewel Company has teamed up with researchers from Saga University to create a two-inch diamond disk intended for quantum computing – an invention that could create a “mind-blowing storage breakthrough,” reports.


According to the piece, the new diamond wafer is “the largest diamond storage device ever created, capable of holding up to 25 exabytes of information at room temperature.” explains that, due to an inherent defect in diamonds, they are perceived as the ideal medium for quantum computing storage. Diamonds can be “written to, erased, and rewritten to seemingly forever” and, if kept in the dark, could theoretically hold the data forever.


Adamant Namiki Precision Jewel says the discovery “is expected to lead to the realization of quantum computers in the future,” and expects to introduce them commercially in 2023.


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