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“Dishwater Diamonds” are a Growing Engagement Ring Trend

Consumers motivated by price and the desire for "more personal" stones
Brown diamond ring
Credit: Aliya

“Dishwater diamonds” – so called because of their brown and gray colors – have been enjoying growing demand among couples shopping for engagement rings, according to a report in WWD (Women’s Wear Daily) quoted by IDEX Online.


brown high quality diamond
Credit: Gem Diamonds


According to the piece, interest in heavily-included “salt and pepper” stones is also increasing as “consumers are being tempted away from jewelers’ bread and butter – the solitaire white diamond ring – by price and the desire for a “more personal” stone.”


Lesotho Brown Diamond
Credit: Gem Diamonds


David Kellie, CEO of the Natural Diamond Council, told WWD: “This is definitely part of a broader trend in diamonds and diamond jewelry to be more individualistic and innovative. People who are buying diamonds with inclusions or imperfections generally appreciate that what comes from the earth isn’t born perfect.”

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