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FCRF: "Fancy Color Diamonds have been more resilient" than the luxury market
Credit: IDI

The Fancy Color Diamond Index for the third quarter of 2019, published by the Fancy Color Research Foundation (FCRF), shows that prices of Fancy Color diamonds have fallen 0.5%, “driven by a 1.5% decline in the prices of yellow diamonds”. Prices of blue and pink diamonds have remained stable during the period.


Fancy Blue Diamond Ring
Credit: Sotheby’s


Prices of pink diamonds suffered a slight decrease of 0.1% overall, mainly due to a decrease of 3% in the 5-carat Fancy Pink category. However, all Fancy Vivid Pinks rose 0.4%, with Fancy Vivid Pinks of 1 and 3 carat categories increasing by 1.6% and 1.7%, respectively. Prices of blue diamonds enjoyed a 0.1% increase, with the sharpest rise seen in the 1.5-carat Fancy Vivid Blue category (2.1%). Over the past 12 months, the price of this category increased by 10.6%.


Purple Red fancy diamonds
Credit: Rio Tinto


FCRF Advisory Board member Ephraim Zion said: “The civil unrest in Hong Kong has had a negative impact on the entire luxury market including diamonds and jewellery. Having said that, I’m not surprised that Fancy Color Diamonds have been more resilient and managed much better than their counterparts!”

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