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France Bans “Lab Grown” and Mandates “Synthetic” Label for LGDs

France has recently prohibited the use of the term “lab grown” for man-made diamonds and mandated that they must be referred to as “synthetic,” IDEX Online reports.


The Directorate General for Competition, Consumer Affairs, and Fraud Prevention (DGCCRF) reiterated a decision from January 2002, responding to a challenge by a French lab-grown diamond company.


According to the ruling, lab-grown diamonds in France can only be described as “diamant de synthèse” or simply “synthétique,” translating to “synthetic diamond.” The terms “diamant de laboratoire” (laboratory diamond) and “diamant de culture” (cultivated diamond) remain prohibited.


French retailers are now required to label stones that are entirely or partially man-made as “synthetic,” reserving the term “laboratory diamond” for sales and advertising outside France. Importantly, the use of the term “diamant” alone is exclusively reserved for natural diamonds.


Yoram Dvash, president of the World Federation of Diamond Bourses (WFDB) commented: “We praise the decision of the French government to insist that all stones other than natural diamonds be called ‘synthetic’. This is an important step in confirming the inherent value of natural diamonds and in enhancing consumer confidence.”


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Lightbox lab diamond jewelry

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