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Get-Diamonds to Hold Innovative Online Tenders for Polished Gems

The new online tenders will serve the entire industry
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Credit: Get Diamonds

Get-Diamonds, the world’s largest B2B online platform for listing polished diamonds, will launch “online tenders that will serve the entire industry,” according to a press release. Get-Diamonds’ inaugural tender will take place on March 31, with bidding opening on March 30. Pre-registration on the platform is required.


Get-Diamonds, which has a current inventory of more than 1.7 million diamonds from 4,600 suppliers valued at more than $6.6 billion, will grant suppliers of all sizes with the opportunity to “buy and sell diamonds through targeted sales events, previously available only to large suppliers.”


According to the press release, the process utilizes AI technology and begins “with the selection of the most in-demand, competitively priced polished diamonds on the Get-Diamonds platform.

There is no human intervention during this phase; the platform relies exclusively on an algorithm to choose the stones for the specific tender event. Suppliers will then have the opportunity to approve the selected diamonds up to five days prior to the event. The Tender Catalog will be released 24 hours prior to the tender. Owned by the World Federation of Diamond Bourses, the Get-Diamond platform maintains the highest level of data encryption.”


Yoram Dvash, president of the WFDB, commented: “Joining forces with Hennig, a leading industry tender specialist and service provider, and Lucy Platforms, a leading developer of e-commerce solutions for the diamond industry, helped us to really create an invaluable new opportunity for the industry, by the industry.”


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