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GIA to Add 4Cs Color and Clarity Grades for Lab-Grown Diamonds

The new service will be digital only and will launch during the fourth quarter
LGD seed lab diamonds
Credit: Lightbox Jewelry

The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) is adding 4Cs color and clarity grades for laboratory-grown diamonds (LGDs), replacing the existing descriptive terms and grade ranges on their reports, Rough & Polished reports.


Synthetic Diamonds
Credit: Sergei Lazon


The new service, to be launched in Q4 of 2020, will include “4Cs assessment, plotted clarity diagram and proportions diagram for stones from 0.15 cts and 4Cs assessment and proportions diagram for stones from 0.15 cts up to 1.99 cts”. The report will also include the specific color and clarity grade. All LGDs will be laser-inscribed with the GIA report number and the words “laboratory-grown”.


synthetic Diamonds
Credit: Jianxin (Jae) Liao


Susan Jacques, GIA president and CEO said: “[…]. Ensuring consumers’ trust with GIA’s reliable, independent and authoritative grading reports for all diamonds benefits the public and the entire gem and jewelry industry”.

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