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Price changes in round and fancy shape diamonds “were fairly evenly divided"
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Credit: Iris Hortman

The IDEX polished diamond index for December, published by IDEX Online, shows that price changes in round and fancy shape diamonds “were fairly evenly divided between decliners and risers, with relatively few changes in the smallest and largest sizes”.


The index for round goods shows drop in prices as follows: 0.23-0.29 carats in K, VVS1-VS2, fell 4%; in 0.30-0.39 carat diamonds D-F, VS2, by 2-3%; in 0.45-0.49 carat diamonds D, VS2-SI2, of 1-3%. Rising prices were noted for round diamonds of 0.70-0.79 carats in E-F, VS2-SI2, of 2-3%; in 0.80-0.89 carat stones, 4%; in 0.90-0.99 carat stones, M-N, IF-VVS1, of 3-4%; and in 1.00-1.24 carats, F-H, VS1-SI1.


As for fancy diamonds, there were increases in the 0.40-0.49 carat category, D-E, VVS1-VS2 of 2-3%; in 1.00-1.24 carat diamonds, D-G, SI2, of 3%; and in a range of categories in 1.50-1.99 carat stones, D-J, VS1-SI1 OF 1-3%. There were decreases in the following categories: 0.50-0.69 carat stones of 2-4% in VVS2, G-I colors; in 1.00-1.24 carat stones, I-K, VS1, of 2-3%; in 1.50-1.99 carat stones, D-G, VVS1-VVS2 of 2-3%; and in 2.00-2.99 carat stones, E-H, VVS1 of 1-3%.

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