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IDEX: Polished Prices “the Highest” Since November 2018

Polished prices were up 1.37% in May
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The IDEX Polished Price Index, published by IDEX Online, was up 1.37% in May – double the increase in April (0.73%). The polished diamond Index, which averaged 124.970 across the month and closed at 125.900, “is currently the highest it’s been since November 2018,” according to the report.


diamond prices post coronavirus in May 2021
Credit: IDEX Online


Month-on-month prices were up 1.3 % in May. In addition, year-on-year diamond prices “keep climbing, with progressively bigger increases for the last six months.” In May, prices were up 5.5% than May 2020. 


round diamonds prices trends by size post coronavirus
Credit: IDEX Online


Polished prices showed “near-uniform increases” in May. Rises for 1-carat to 4-carat stones were between 1.3% and 1.5%. Stones of 0.5-carats up by 0.9%. Overall, the numbers are “significantly better” than in April, which saw a maximum rise of 0.5% drop of 1.5% for 0.5-carat goods. Year-on-year, 0.5-carats increased by almost 15%.


Read the full report here

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