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IDEX Price Report: Small Diamonds Down, Larger Gems Up in May 2022

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According to the IDEX Price Report, published by IDEX Online, diamonds under 0.3 carats suffered losses, while goods over 2.0 carats enjoyed some gains, “amid ongoing uncertainty.”


polished diamond prices may 2022
Credit: IDEX Online


According to the piece, “manufacturers have been switching to LGDs as the preferred replacement for natural smalls, which have been in desperately short supply, especially since sanctions were imposed on Russia. This largely accounts for these price drops.”


polished diamond price index may 2022
Credit: IDEX Online


Diamonds weighing between 0.90 carats and 1.50 carats had mixed results, “although the general trend is downwards.” The Round diamond category suffered losses among smaller diamonds, while larger goods enjoyed increases, and Rounds weighing between 0.70 carats and 2.99 carats had “an even mix overall of rises and falls”. The Fancy diamond category had “plenty of activity in both directions.”


round diamond prices may 2022
Credit: IDEX Online


Read the full analysis here.

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