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IDEX Price Report: Rounds and Fancies Show Price Rises

Price rises dominated in December, following a mixed November
fancy color diamonds
Credit: FCRF

The IDEX Price Report for January 1, published by IDEX Online, showed that diamond “prices rises dominated in December, following a mixed November. “


round polished diamonds display
Credit: Almarina /


Round diamonds saw mostly price rises as 1.50-4.99 carats rose among “virtually every combination of color and clarity.” Smaller goods (0.50-1.24 carats) also saw many increases, “though not on the same scale.”


Fancy Blue Diamond Ring
Credit: Sotheby’s


As for Fancy diamonds, prices also rose “albeit to a lesser extent.” According to IDEX Online, there were price drops, notably among SI3 in most colors of 1.50-4.99-carat goods. Gems over 1.50-carats saw more activity, while “smaller sizes were less busy and goods under 0.44-carats saw virtually no movement.”


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