IDEX Price Report: Market Slump and Stagnant Prices in May 2024

According to the IDEX Price Report, published by IDEX Online, May saw “subdued” diamond markets with price movements mirroring those of the previous month. Price drops continued to outweigh gains in both round and fancy diamonds.


Demand from China remains weak, and Indian manufacturers report slow business. Polished diamond exports from India fell 16.8% in April – a slight improvement from the 27% drop in March. Uncertainty surrounds De Beers and its parent company Anglo American, which might be sold. According to the IDEX Online, a hopeful note is the JCK show in Las Vegas, which began on May 31 and could provide a much-needed boost to the industry.


Among round diamonds, price drops dominated, although there were notable increases in diamonds over 2 carats. Fancy diamonds also experienced another month of losses, with some increases in diamonds over 2 carats. The most significant price drops were in the 1.24 to 1.49-carat range, with a few rises among 0.23 to 0.29-carat diamonds.


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