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IDEX Price Report: Price Gains Outweigh Losses in November

Overall, prices got a boost in November
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Credit: Featonby’s Auctioneers

The IDEX Price Report for December 1, published by IDEX Online, showed “more movement than usual in both directions,” but overall, polished prices got a boost in November.


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Credit: Africa Studio


Round diamonds saw “plenty of movement in both directions,” especially among gems over 0.50-carats. 0.50-0.69-carats, 1.00-1.24-carats and 4.00-4.99-carats saw price rises, while most other sizes “saw a more or less even mix of rises and falls.”


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Credit: EgolenaHK /


As for Fancy diamonds, prices rose among 1.25-2.99-carats, while among 4.00-4.99-carats prices dropped. Goods under 0.29-carats saw little movement while other sizes experienced both increases and decreases.

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