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IDEX Price Report for October: “Blitz of Prices Rises” for Some Diamonds

October saw price rises among smaller fancies and round diamonds
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According to the IDEX Price Report, published by IDEX Online, October saw “a blitz of price rises among smaller fancies (0.23-0.44 carats) and some positive movement among 0.45-0.69-carat” diamonds. 


The report states that, while there was a rise in demand for these “smaller, less costly stones”, there is “still less of an appetite for larger diamonds”.    


fancy color red Sapphire
Credit: Iris Hortman


Round diamonds weighing 0.50-0.69 carats and, to a lesser extent 0.45-0.49 carats, showed signs of recovery. However, a couple of other categories (0.30-0.39-carat and 0.90-0.99-carat) saw a drop. In addition, 1-carat stones saw little movement “aside from odd price drops”. Decreases also outweighed increases in larger diamonds, namely 1.50-1.99-carats and 4.00-4.99 carats. 


Round polished diamonds money
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Fancy diamonds showed “plenty of positive movement” among smaller stones – 0.23-0.44 carats. Elsewhere, “there was the usual mixture of ups and downs in some sizes, and virtually no movement at all in others”. 


See the full report here

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