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IDEX Price Report: Slight Rise in Polished Diamond Prices in September

Covid-19 has seen to “another month of uncertainty in the diamond world”
Diamonds and money bills
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The most recent IDEX Price Report, published by IDEX Online, shows that most polished diamond prices “and many of the size categories shown remained virtually unchanged during September”.


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According toIDEX Online, Covid-19 has seen to “another month of uncertainty in the diamond world”. However, the gains have outweighed the losses but this has been a marginal trend, “suggesting the industry is still playing more of a waiting game than returning to business as usual”.


Polished diamonds from the Argyle Diamond Mine
Credit: Copyright © 2017 Rio Tinto


Late in September, UNI Diamonds, a fintech company focused on building a global marketplace for diamonds, partnered with IDEX to create “the first fully-transparent and unbiased price guide for the natural polished diamond industry”. The Natural Diamond Price Guide “provides up-to-date wholesale market prices guidance”.


See the full IDEX Price report here

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