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India: 30,000 Women Join Diamond Trade Since April 2021

More women want to “ensure financial stability at their homes”
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The flow of women workers into the diamond trade in India increased in recent months as 30,000 have joined the diamond trade in Surat and Saurashtra since April , IDEX Online reports.


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The influx of female workers is attributed to the second wave of Covid-19 as more women “want to ensure financial stability at their homes.” The share of women in Surat’s diamond trade has gone up 4% in the last five years. The diamond trade in Surat and Saurashtra employs about 1,000,000 men and women.


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More women are expected to join once the Surat Diamond Bourse becomes operational in 2022. Surat’s “long-delayed” diamond bourse was supposed to open in January 2020. The opening was then delayed to September 2021. Now, according to a report, the $355 million bourse will open in 2022.

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