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India: Diamond Exports Get a Boost in July 2021

For April-July 2021, diamond exports rose 213%
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Figures reported by Rough & Polished show that India’s cut and polished diamond exports totaled $2.260.48 billion in July – a rise of 146.12% year-on-year. For April-July 2021, exports of cut and polished diamonds totaled $8.522 billion – a 213% rise year-on-year.


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Imports of cut and polished diamonds totaled $105.66 million in July – down 47.33% year-on-year. Rough diamond imports totalled $1556.79 million in July – up 574.23% year-on-year. For April-July, rough diamond imports totaled $6.205.95 billion – up 770.70% year-on-year.


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Exports of polished lab-grown diamonds for April-July 2021 totaled $368.72 million – a growth of 374.29% year-on-year.

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