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India: GIA Helps Police to Uncover Fraudulent Diamond Grading Reports

GIA India helped police to determine the characteristics of diamonds seized in mid-August
Diamond grading at a GIA laboratory
Credit: Valerie Power, GIA

According to a statement issued by the GIA and quoted by Diamond World, GIA India Laboratory Pvt. Ltd. (GIA India) has helped police in Surat to determine the characteristics of diamonds seized in mid-August. The scheme involved “counterfeit inscriptions linking lower-quality diamonds to GIA diamond grading reports for higher-quality stones.”


Synthetic Diamond round diamond
Credit: GIA


During the investigation, police in Surat “seized several diamonds and what appeared to be several GIA diamond grading reports.” Upon inspection by the GIA lab, it determined “that some of the reports were legitimate GIA reports and some were counterfeits using legitimate GIA report numbers.”


Master stones
Credit: GIA


In addition, of the diamonds presented with reports stating they were natural, untreated diamonds, “most were treated or laboratory-grown diamonds.”

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