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India: Locals Help Police to Capture Diamond Smugglers

Police seized 221 diamonds worth $33,000
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Residents from the town of Gariaband in the state of Chhattisgarh, India, helped police crack down on diamond smugglers in the area, IDEX Online reports.


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Police asked residents in the area, which is well known for its diamondiferous kimberlite rocks, to provide information on illegal digging. As a result, cops managed to seize 221 stones worth $33,000 from smugglers.


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The district police chief Bhojram Patel is quoted in an interview as saying: “The unscrupulous offenders from within and outside the state were seen involved in frantic digging in search of precious stones as this part of India has vast deposits of diamondiferous kimberlite rocks. We strengthened our information network which helped us in a big way to nab the major players in the diamond smuggling network”.

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