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JSA: Crime Costs Less for US Jewelers in 2021

Crime has cost US jewelers just over $70 million in 2021
thief jewelry vault robbery
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The recently published “2021 Annual Crime Report,” released by the New York-based Jewelers’ Security Alliance and quoted by IDEX Online, shows that crime has cost US jewelers just over $70 million in 2021 – down from $83 million the previous year.


Although the dollar costs have been reduced, the total number of crimes was up 17% to 1,687 incidents in 2021. Compared to pre-Covid 2019,  the number of crimes was greater but losses were way down from their 2019 levels of $101 million, “indicative of more frequent but less costly crimes.” In addition, The average loss from an attack on safes increased from $287,000 in 2020 to $639,000 in 2021.


Finally, according to the report, crime has cost US jewelers $2.2 billion in the last two decades.


thief diamond jewelry robbery
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