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Morocco: Oldest Jewelry Ever Uncovered in Dig

The discovery “has enormous implications for the history of humanity”
oldest jewelry morocco archeology
Credit: Morocco's National Institute of Archaeology and Cultural Heritage (INSAP)

What is considered to be the oldest jewelry in the world – perforated seashells dating back 142,000-150,000 years ago – has been uncovered by Archaeologists in Morocco recently.


According to numerous news reports, the seashells, which would have formed necklaces and bracelets, were discovered in the Bizmoune cave near the coastal resort of Essaouira. “This discovery has enormous implications for the history of humanity,” researcher Abdeljalil Bouzouggar said in a press conference.


“These are symbolic objects, and symbols, unlike tools, can only be transmitted through language,” Bouzouggar explained, “so this raises the question: does this discovery imply the existence of a language used to communicate between these groups or with members of other groups?”


Morocco is also the site of some of the oldest Homo Sapiens remains ever found: in 2017, remains were found of five individuals who died approximately 315,000 years ago.

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