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The Pink category in all saturation and sizes increased 0.5%. led by large diamonds
Argyle Pink Diamonds Tender
Credit: Rio Tinto

The Fancy Color Diamond Index for Q1 2019, published by the Fancy Color Research Foundation (FCRF), shows that the overall colored diamond prices decreased by 0.2% in the first quarter of 2019, influenced by a decrease in the Yellow category.


Credit: IDI


While the Pink category in all saturation and sizes increased 0.5%, the 3 and 5 carat Vivid Pink categories increased by an average of 3.1%. According to the FCRF, the rest of the categories showed no change quarter-over-quarter.


In the Blue category, the Fancy Blues rose 3.4%, Fancy Vivid Blue 1.5 carat category increased 1.3%, and 1-carat Fancy Intense Blue rose 3.9%. However, the overall Blue segment decreased by 0.2% on average. The Yellow category fell 1.5%, despite a 1.2% rise in the 1-carat category in Fancy Yellow.


Blue diamond ring Graff
Credit: Christie’s


All in all, compared to Q1 2018, the Fancy Color Diamond Index presents an increase in Blue Diamonds by 2.8% and in Pink Diamonds by 0.6%, and a decrease in the price of Yellow Diamonds by 3.5%.

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