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Polished Prices Experience “Little Movement” in September 2021

Rounds prices were down, while fancies were mixed during the month
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The IDEX Price Report for October 1, which analyzes polish diamond prices for the month of September 2021, shows there was “little movement overall”. Rounds prices were down, while “fancies were mixed.”


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Round diamond prices “were largely unchanged” in September. According to IDEX, half-carats (0.50-0.69-cts), one-carats (1.00-1.25-cts) and two-carats (2.00-2.99-cts) “saw small clusters of decreases.” Meanwhile, smaller goods (0.18-0.69-cts) “saw more price drops than rises,” while “0.70-0.89-ct goods fared better.”


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Fancies’ diamond prices experienced a “quieter month than rounds, with a more even mix of increases and decreases.” There were a few rises among one-carats (1.00-1.24-cts) with no falls, while two-carats (2.00-2.99-cts) were evenly split.


See the full report here

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