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Sarine Partners with NGTC to Launch Grading Services in China

NGTC has established “a new industry standard" based on Sarine tech
Sarine diamond technologies offices
Credit: Sarine Technologies

Israel-based diamond tech company Sarine Technologies and NGTC (China’s National Gemstone Testing Center have launched co-branded light performance grading reports and services in Mainland China. 


According to a press release, since the agreement to cooperate was signed in 2019, NGTC has carried out “extensive tests on diamonds of various cut qualities using DiaMension® HD and Sarine Light™.” Following these tests, NGTC has established “a new industry standard” for light performance for the China market, based on the Sarine Light™ device, which “takes diamond grading standards to a higher level of accuracy and consistency, by expanding diamond classification beyond the standard 4Cs, grading visual beauty in terms of Brilliance, Fire, Sparkle and Light Symmetry.”


David Block, CEO of Sarine Technologies, commented: “After cooperative efforts during the last 2.5 years, often delayed by the pandemic, NGTC and Sarine together are now bringing a new level of polished diamond appreciation to the Chinese consumer […].”


Sarine computer technology
Credit: Sarine

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