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Sarine Profile™ light performance reports are being implemented by Aurora Design Co.
Sarine computer technology
Credit: Sarine

Israel-based Sarine Technologies has announced that its Sarine Profile™ light performance reports are being implemented for the first time in Thailand by Aurora Design Co.


According to Sarine, the Aurora Group has 200 retail stores nationwide. Aurora Diamond, a subsidiary of Aurora Design Co., has decided to adopt Sarine’s digital retail solution in the Asia Pacific (APAC) region. The company explains that the Sarine Profile™ light performance report “presents an accurate evaluation of the diamond’s Cut and its interaction with light, resulting in a light performance grade” and will add to Aurora Diamond’s customers in-store experience.


David Block, CEO of Sarine, commented that “[…] The continued expansion of Sarine Profile™ into Thailand is further proof of consumer demand for technology-based information pertaining to their diamond at the point-of-sale”.

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