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Two Suspects Arrested in Daring Paris Diamond Jewelry Heist

A thief took millions in jewels from Chaumet jewellers
Cartier Chaumet Jewelry stores
Credit: IR Stone /

French police made two quick arrests last week, following a daring heist of jewels worth between €2 million and €3 million (about $2.3 million – $3.5 million) from Chaumet jewellers near the Champs-Élysées on July 27.


Paris. France
Credit: Ioan Panaite


According to news reports, a man arrived at the store last Tuesday afternoon wearing a light-grey suit, white shirt and tie, pretended to be a customer and then produced a knife and threatened the staff. He took off with a white bag of jewels and diamonds and took off on a green scooter that he had parked outside. According to reports, potential witnesses at a nearby cafe saw nothing because they were distracted by the presence of film star Jean-Claude Van Damme at a nearby optician store.


Police car Paris France
Credit: Bernhard Richter /


The two suspects that police arrested were apprehended in Moselle in eastern France on Wednesday morning. Police added that a substantial part of the loot stolen in the heist has been recovered.

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