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US Customs Seize Huge Shipment of Fake Jewellery and Watches from Hong Kong

Kentucky customs officers hit paydirt two days in a row
thief diamond jewelry robbery
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Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officers in Louisville, Kentucky seized three shipments of fake watches and jewelry from Hong Kong worth $5.6 million if genuine, IDEX Online reports.


Customs , Ben Gurion International AirPort
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On July 30, the customs officers intercepted 580 fake pieces of David Yurman jewelry worth $365,000. The following day they hit paydirt again, seizing 2,411 counterfeit designer brand watches which would have been worth $4.46 million if genuine, as well as another shipment of ten counterfeit Rolex watches worth $756,500 if genuine.


thief jewelry watches robbery
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According to the report, the fake watches and jewelry shipments were destined for Ontario, California; Jonesboro, Georgia; and Worcester, Massachusetts.

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