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WDC President “Encouraged” by KP Plenary Discussions

The WDC optmistic about future moves
world diamond council meeting
Credit: WDC

World Diamond Council (WDC) President Edward Asscher spoke during the Closing Session of the 2021 Kimberley Process (KP) Plenary on November 12, expressing “cautious optimism” by “the KP’s constructive discussions,” Rough & Polished reports.


Edward Asscher wdc president
Credit: WDC

Commenting on the KP’s Declaration on Supporting Principles for Responsible Diamond Sourcing as Best Practices, Asscher said: “This is a positive step that further highlights the important role of the KP in stemming the flow of conflict diamonds. While the WDC would have preferred that the KP make a concrete decision about the expansion of the conflict diamond definition […] we always seek to support journeys of continuous improvement, and so we will continue to push for progress.”


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Asscher added that the WDC will “place the conflict diamond definition as a priority item” when the KP begins its next Review Cycle.



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