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Top Israeli diamond sellers for 2010

The top Israeli diamond sellers list for 2010 was published by the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor, including 25 Israeli diamond companies leading the polished diamond exports from Israel.



Top of the list, once again, is LLD Diamonds, with exports of $366 million. This marks the 10th year in succession that LLD Diamonds has topped this list. The company’s exports in 2010 increased by more than 50% over 2009.



The list, which does not include companies that did not wish their diamond export data to become public, also features a number of newcomers. AA Rachminov Diamonds, Segal Diamonds, Jogdiam, Yoram Dvash, Katz Chaim, ABT Diamonds and Shlomo Bichahi Diamonds were not listed on last year’s list.




No.Company nameUS $  M
1L.L.D. Diamonds Ltd366
 2 Leo Schachter Diamonds Ltd 359
 3  M.I.D. House Of Diamonds Ltd 160
 4 A.A. Rachminov Diamonds (2000)Ltd 123
 5E.Z. Diamonds Ltd 97
6 Yoshfe Diamonds Intl Ltd 91
7 Ofer Mizrahi Diamonds Ltd 76
8 Sahar Atid Diamonds Ltd 71
9Arabov Group Ltd70
10Niru Diamonds Israel (1987) Ltd68
11Rosy Blue Sales Ltd67
12A. Schwartz & Sons Diamonds Ltd55
13Kuperman Brothers Diamonds Ltd50
14Royal Gem (Israel) Ltd49
15B.L.I.D. International Ltd47
16Segaldiam Ltd45
17Eran Diamonds-Yehuda Sayag44
18Beta Diamonds Ltd42
19Jogdiam (Israel)1988 Ltd39
20Waldman Diamonds (W.D.C) Israel Ltd36
21Yoram Dvash Diamonds L.T.D33
22Eshed-Diam Ltd32
23Katz Chaim Precious Stones 1992 Ltd31
24A.B.T. Diamonds Ltd28
25Shlomo Bichaci Diamonds Ltd27


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